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Tile flooring adds a flexible, stylish flair to your home

What type of floors would best suit your home? That’s an excellent question and one that many homeowners ask themselves when considering an upcoming renovation. While some installations can seem appealing in terms of layout, they may not provide you with the exact features you’re looking for.

Tile flooring offers stylish flair while also assuring flexibility, so you can install it in virtually any space. Cost-effective, attractive, and straightforward to install, tiles may just be the floors you’re in search of. Find out if it is by reading through the following advantages of installing this type of flooring.


Wear-and-tear along with staining are typically two things you won’t need to concern yourself with when you choose tiles. In particular, tile flooring can withstand high traffic areas, as it has a high resistance to impact and strong structural composition, depending on the quality of the installation chosen.


As one of the more cost-effective materials on the market, you’ll have an easier time staying within budget. Again, this does depend on what type of tile flooring you decide on for your renovation. But for the most part, their average cost combined with their simple maintenance requirements and long lifespan makes these floors a true favorite.

Water resistance

Impervious to stains and water, glazed tiles make an excellent addition to rooms that experience a lot of humidity, moisture, and water. As such, tiles are typically chosen for bathroom and kitchen redesigns.


Many flooring options are manufactured with materials like clay, sand, or glass, making tiles an eco-friendly choice for homeowners. Also, some designs use recycled materials for increased sustainability. If you have any questions you can always give us a call!
Ceramic tile flooring in Southington, CT from Allstate Floor Coverings

Improved air quality

When fired at extremely high temperatures in the kiln, tiles do not emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Linked to various health issues, VOCs infiltrate indoor air, sometimes greatly decreasing quality. Luckily, with little to no output, tiles make for a great choice to use inside homes. For those with breathing problems or allergies, this is certainly an ideal installation option.

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