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Carpet flooring –Luxurious style meets flexible, quality design

Not sure what flooring to choose for your upcoming home renovation? Curious about the soft luxurious nature of carpet but worried it will be too hard to care for? As one of the most popular options on the market, soft surfacing has many impressive features. So numerous in fact, you may be tempted to opt for carpeting after you read the following benefits.

Noise reduction and sound absorption

By far, noise reduction is one of the top reasons why homeowners favor soft surfacing. With impressive properties, you get both energy absorption and sound insulation. Thus, the ambient noise in your home is absorbed –but luckily, not transmitted. This can be especially helpful in large households or apartment units that share walls.

Softer surfacing, greater padding

One very unique quality that carpet has pertains to its fibrous padding. As a soft, cushioned surfacing, not only do you have greater friction when walking which reduces slippage but you also significantly reduce trips and falls. For individuals with reduced mobility, such as toddlers or seniors, this characteristic is much appreciated, as it considerably minimizes the risk of injuries.

Warm, cozy fibers

Whether you live in a cool or warm climate, you’re sure to appreciate warm, cozy carpet fibers. What makes this installation special is how the material provides warmth in colder months but offers freshness in warmer seasons.

Allergen absorption and easy cleaning

A while back, there was a time when people believed carpets aggravated allergies and breathing problems. Nowadays after much research, we now know this is untrue. Fibers act as a giant sponge, absorbing allergens, dander, pollen, dust, mites, and other smaller particles. Entrapped inthe material, you can easily remove them with regular vacuuming and professional cleaning for a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.
Luxury carpet in Wallingford, CT from Allstate Floor Coverings

Stylish design options

With a quick tour of our Wallingford, CT showroom, you’ll quickly realize that soft surfacing comes in a shockingly vast array of colors, designs, patterns, materials, and piles. Truly, this is no other more versatile surfacing material out there that can provide you with such redecorating flexibility.

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